Is it private?

Yes, you are in your own suite, and each suite contains a changing area, towels, robes and everything you need. This is your own private sea.

If i don’t like it can i get out?

Of course, you are in control. The lights can be turned off and on by you and the door can be open or closed.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24 hours.

I hear sports teams use these, is that true?

Yes, the Olympic teams have been using flotation therapy as part of their training since the early 90’s. The New England Patriots have incorporated floating in their athletic routine for years. Many more professional teams are getting on board, our own Atlanta Hawks in Dekalb County have just installed a pool in their training center. After extensive research, they are popping up on college campuses and being used for student athletes for both recovery and anxiety due to the extra pressure of fitting it all in.

What about after my float, can i drive?

We invite you to hang out , reflect and get grounded before heading out. We have tea available and also an area to enjoy that post float glow, and we encourage you to feel free to linger.

How often should i float?

Single and first floats can often be profound. However, there can be a bit of learning curve requiring a few floats to feel totally comfortable. Also, floating has cumulative effects and is something that should be part of everyone’s ongoing wellness practice. Translation: Floating 1 to 2 times per week will change your life.

How will i know when to get out?

The music that played and faded when you first started your float will come on gently and that will signal your time has ended.

i can’t swim, will i be able to float?

Swimming is not a prerequisite to floating. Everybody floats effortlessly.

should I drink extra water prior to my salty float?

Using the bathroom mid float is totally doable, and we have robes for you to use, but its just no fun. Drink your normal amount of water, no extra is needed.

What about CAFFEINE or alcohol?

Avoid both at least a few hours prior to floating. You really should prepare for best float experience.

Are the float tanks clean?

Float Atlanta has a protocol which includes cleaning the flotation suites between clients, also weekly we do an intense cleaning of each room from top to bottom.

What about the quality of the water, is it clean?

Yes, the water is quality i

We are very conscientious about our water quality and go to great lengths to make sure it is perfect for each float. We are certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation as a NSPF Certified Pool* Spa Operator. We also are a member of the Flotation Tank Association and abide by the Standards of Operation.

Are you on the Marta?

Yes, we are just a few blocks away from the downtown Decatur stop.

Parking in Decatur?

There is metered off street parking all around our location. We also have the community lot behind our shoppe. Parking in Decatur is plentiful, but please keep in mind that you may have to include extra time when planning your arrival.

Floating and hair dye, can I do both?

We ask that you wait at least a week after dying your hair and that the the towel you use after shower is free of any dyes. The tanks will be adversely affected and we will have to charge for the repairs. Also keratin treatment recommends that salt be avoided to maintain the effects. Curly thick hair may trap some of the salts, so we recommend floating near the time of hair appointment. Also a silicone bathing cap can be used while floating, but keep in mind they are never 100% water proof.

Can i take drugs and float?

Please, NO!! Don’t do it, as we have a zero-tolerance policy. Besides, floating is profound and meant to be done with a clear state of mind. We ask that you are not intoxicated or on any illegal medications that alter your ability to function at full capacity. We cannot tolerate this into our business and will ask you to leave. Also we prohibit cigarette smoking.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, please do! Float Atlanta has 3 pools and we also offer massage therapy. Please note only one person per tank.

How big is the float Pod?

Our float pod is 8’9” long, 5’8” wide, and 4’5” tall. When the door is open it reaches a height of 7’3”. It has 1100 pounds of Epsom salt saturated in 120 gallons of water.

How big is the pool cabin?

Both of our pool cabins are 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, 7 feet tall and 12 inches deep. The water is only 10 inches deep.

Is there fresh air coming into the pods?

Yes, of course we supply fresh air to each pool.

new tattoos and floating

We recommend you wait at least 4 to 6 weeks after your new ink before you get into the tank. The salt solution is so dense, it could cause fading and discoloration of your tattoo and also could be painful. We don’t want you to feel the sting of the salt in an open wound.

What if i’m claustrophobic?

Our pools and pods are quite sizable, and they are equipped with lights that can be left on and doors that can be left open. I often equate the size of the pools to the interior of a car. Just remember, you are in charge. Also the only reason the tanks, pods or pools are enclosed is to ensure you get the best float absent light and noise.

Can i float if i’m pregnant?

Just like any other concerns while pregnant, check with your doctor. That being said, many women think it is “must do” while pregnant. The weightless environment allows you to escape the added stress and weight of pregnancy, thus taking the strain off of your body.

Can i float if i’m menstruating?

Yes, just use the same protocol you would use for a swimming pool or hot tub. We ask that you refresh your tampon prior to entering the water. We have products in the bathroom if you are out.

is there anything i should do to prepare?

Try not to drink caffeine, and skip shaving the day you are scheduled to float.

Do I need to bring anything?

Contact/ solution and eye wear. We have everything else, towels, robes, shampoo, conditioner, soap and hair dryers. Bring your favorite brush and any products you can’t live without.

Do I need a bathing suit?

No, you are alone and the door will be locked. Eliminating all external sensory on the body is actually better for your float, so naked is better. But if you feel you need to wear one, then go for it.

Are there any contradictions that i should be aware of?

Yes, like everything there are a few reasons that floating may not be for you. Make sure you are able to physically go from standing to sitting on the ground and reverse. The water is only 10 inches of deep, so everything happens at ground level. Also if you have any medical diagnosis for seizures such as epilepsy, low blood pressure, schizophrenia or taking any medications that are sedative in nature, floating will be contraindicated. As with anything else, if you are concerned please check with your physician to make sure its a good fit.

Can kids float?

Yes, with parent approval up to the age of 18 and with a parent or guardian up to age of 14. We recommend floating for text anxiety for students. Research has found floating is great for reducing anxiety. Check out our research page.

can i do it wrong?

Floating style is up to you. The only thing we caution is that you don’t let your arms cross over your face, rubbing your face, or dunk your head under the water. The salts will sting your eyes. If you get salts in your eyes there is a small bottle of fresh water inside the tank for clearing the salt. Other than that, you are in your own private sea, get comfortable, move if you want, relax and get your float on.

Is the water clean?

Absolutely.  Float tank water is generally cleaner, in fact, than most swimming pools or hot tubs because only one person uses them at a time, and they aren’t sweating or wearing sunblock.  And we take keeping our water clean very seriously.

The main factor keeping the float tank water clean is the high salt concentration itself.  Nothing pathogenic can grow in such salty water.  Then we sanitize by treating with germ-killing UV light between every client, and back that up by maintaining an active dose of hydrogen peroxide in the tank at all times.  Filtering to remove oils and particulates is taken care of by a swimming-pool-sized filter unit.  We filter aggressively between every client, turning the whole contents of the tank over three to four times, to keep our water sparkling.

What if I do it wrong?

There is no wrong.  You’re alone in a private room and no one can judge you.  Just do what’s comfortable and let your body relax.

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