What is floating?

Floating is sheer weightlessness, as you listen to sound of silence while you are immersed in an absence of light. The fountain of youth, nirvana, a place to drop out and tune in begins and then nothing. Shhhh…nothing, your senses take a break, your nervous system takes a break, and whoosh you are gone, in a homeostatic healing session. ENJOY!!!

At Float Atlanta, we have both flotation pods and rooms. These shallow 10 inch pools of water are saturated with 1100 hundred pounds of Epsom salts, creating a silky solution so dense, its as if you are immersed and floating buoyantly in bath of liquid magnesium sulfate.

First, we heat the solution to the perfect skin-neutral temperature so you loose track of where your body meets the water, next we eliminate all of the noise, giving you the sound of silence, and finally we suggest you turn off the interior lights so you are immersed in total darkness.

Absent the sensory stimuli, and along with a near gravity free environment, your central nervous system gets a rest allowing your mind, body and soul the chance to recharge, refresh and refocus the healing energy to where it is needed.

UNPLUGGING your senses from normal stimuli, allows you to hit your reset button.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. INCLUDING YOU.” Elephant Journal

History of Floating

In 1954, John Lilley a neuroscientist, worked with the National Institue of Mental Health on a project of isolationg the brain from external stimulation. This is when the first isolation tank was created. Originally known as sensory deprivation, the term was reconceptualized and Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy was born (R.E.S.T.). Since its beginning much research has been done world wide to explain and quantify the effects of floating. The floation tanks has evolved and the modern commercial tanks and pools that are in use now offer a hygenic and welcoming design.

“I didn’t just feel relaxed, I felt like the giant baby at the end of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’.”Justin Moyer, Washington Post

the Essentials of Flotation

We live in an overstimulated, over stressed, non-stop world. We need downtime.

When you eliminate external stimulation, which is the world you see, touch, feel, smell, and hear, the sensory input part of your brain no longer has to process the constant information. Just one hour in the float tank, you can call a time out, and for a second, allow the creative, relaxed part of your brain to come out and play. Without the constant pressure of analyzing the world around you, your body lowers its levels of cortisol, the main chemical component of stress.

Next, your are not having to fight gravity, your physical body is free for a minute which allows your muscles, bones and joints to take a break. Suddenly, all of that energy spent on the things we never think of, that your peripheral nervous system regulates, goes on hold and that un-used energy starts to refocus on a homeostatic responses like healing and resting.

Without the constant push of gravity bearing down on you relax, your muscles rest, chronic and acute pain is soothed. The high density Epsom Salt solution allows for your blood and lymphatic system to flow freely throughout your body. Research shows that 40 minutes into your float, you brain stops producing Alpha and Beta waves and floating takes you deeper into a Theta and possibly even the Delta state.

one more thing

Floating is accumulative, and has been clincally shown to have longer lasting benefits the more you float. Every float is unique, so remember to re-book!

“I emerged in a profound daze. I spoke slowly and quietly, like a smooth-jazz DJ, to the person at the spa desk who inquired how my session had gone. I felt more rested than if I’d slept for 16 hours on a pile of tranquilized chinchillas.”Seth Stevenson, Slate